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What Does a Phone Number Report Include?

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Phone numbers are generated and issued by various phone companies. Therefore, it can be very difficult to find who owns a phone number without help. Using InfoTracer’s powerful search engine, you can tap into millions of phone records and find out exactly who is calling you. Our public records database has more than 5 billion records, many of which are updated daily. Some of the information you can find from phone records include when available:

  • Owner Name(s)
  • Aliases
  • Current & Past Addresses
  • Email Address(es)
  • Phone Number(s)
  • Social Profiles
  • Web Accounts
  • Images & Videos
  • Usernames
  • Online Activity
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Relatives
  • Relationships
  • Public Records
  • And More

What is a Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

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Reverse Phone Lookup Tool From

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When someone receives a call from an unknown number, they can perform a reverse phone lookup that will show them the phone number owner’s full name, location, contact information, address, social media details, photos and videos, online activity, relatives and associates, and much more information when linked to public records. InfoTracer’s powerful search engine combines millions of phone numbers with deep web information from social media, public records, and private databases to provide a complete profile from just a single phone number. A reverse phone lookup can also be used to find out who a significant other is texting or calling and check out a potential online date to find out all about them just by checking their phone number.

Different Types of Phone Numbers & Phone Services

Phone records originate from phone companies and services. In the past, there were only landlines running from the phone company to people’s houses and a phone book (white pages) to look up numbers. Now, there are mobile phones through various carriers along with internet-enabled phone services like VOIP (voice over IP), pre-paid phone numbers and burner numbers. In addition, other companies like Twilio offer bundled communications to provide phone, email, SMS messaging, voicemail, video, chat, and other platforms for businesses.

It can quickly become confusing when trying to locate a person connected to a phone number. Another issue complicating the mix is spoofed calls. Scammers use sophisticated equipment to “spoof” a phone number making the caller ID show something familiar or local rather than the real number so that the recipient will pick up the call. This is just one of many techniques scammers use to exploit phone services.

Spam Calls

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Telecommunications laws govern phone services, but that doesn’t stop scammers from waging attacks on innocent victims. Along with many telemarketing calls, most Americans also receive spam calls. On average, Americans receive 300 million spam calls per day. Usually, these calls are designed to steal money by asking for payment details over the phone, such as a credit card or bank account details. The other goal of these calls is to steal personal information like the person’s full name, social security number, and birthdate to use for identity theft or other types of fraud. Some scams include callers pretending to be from government agencies like the Social Security Administration or Internal Revenue Service. Sometimes scammers impersonate tech companies or other reputable businesses to get the phone owner’s trust and information.

How to Remove Your Number, So You Don’t Get Spam Calls

Unfortunately, not everyone respects the telecommunications laws in this country. However, you can add your phone number to the national Do-Not-Call Registry by visiting the FTC and adding your landline, cell phone number, and other phones to the list. However, this will not stop scammers and thieves from calling only legitimate telemarketing companies.

You can also contact your phone carrier for help. Most services offer spam call blocking or tools you can install on your device or download from the internet. You can also use mobile apps on your mobile device to block unwanted phone calls.

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InfoTracer is not a consumer reporting agency under the Fair Credit Reporting Agency (FCRA) and does not provide FCRA compliant consumer reports. InfoTracer does not permit the use of information obtained from their service for use in discriminating against any consumer or for the purposes of determining a consumer's eligibility for personal credit, insurance, employment, housing, licenses, or benefits. It also does not permit the use of gathered information for any purpose related to a consumer's economic or financial standing or status.

Frequently Asked Questions About Phone Numbers

How to Lookup a Phone Number

Visit InfoTracer’s reverse phone number search tool and enter the full 10-digit phone number (including area code) into the search box and click the search button. You can run a free scan on an unknown number right now to see what comes up. The level of personal details you find may be surprising.

How Can I Find out Who a Phone Number Belongs To?

You can contact the phone company to see who a number belongs to or use one of the many online people search tools. In addition, you can try one of the free reverse phone lookup services, but you might have to pay a small fee for more information.

Will Someone Know if I Look Up Their Number?

No. No one will know that you have searched online using their phone number. A reverse phone lookup tool is often used with background checks or to help find people.

How to Block Spam Calls

There is no way to guarantee the blocking of all spam calls. However, you can activate spam blocking through your phone carrier or using an installed spam-blocking app on your devices. In addition, both Android and iOS phones have built-in tools to block unwanted calls.

How to Block Caller ID

You can block your own phone number when calling someone by dialing *67 and then the number. Your phone number will show as “Private” or “Blocked” on the recipients’ caller ID.

How to Track Someone’s Location with a Phone Number

Using InfoTracer’s powerful reverse phone lookup tool, you can instantly see the location of a phone number. Since geolocation information is linked to many numbers, tracking someone’s location using their phone number is much easier than it used to be.

How to Find a Phone Number Owner

A reverse phone lookup will reveal a phone number owner, along with a lot of other information such as their address, email address, other phone numbers, social profiles, online activity, aliases, employment, education, and more.

Reverse Phone Lookup | Free Scan | InfoTracer (2024)


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