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Our Office hours are Monday- Friday 10am - 7pm EST We are CLOSED ON WEEKENDS & ALL LEGAL HOLIDAYS. Best Way to Contact US - Is Via our Chat Service - Visit Button at Bottom of this Page. Our Chat service allows text messages and emails to be translated between our customers in real time. Most Commonly Questions can be Answered here. You can track your orders, ask questions etc... Our Staff is available for you. Phone: 845.675.7505 - E-Mail:

NO SOME FACILITIES ONLY ALLOW PUBLICATIONS DELIVERED FROM THEIR LIST OF APPROVED VENDORS ! PLEASE CONTACT THE FACILITY FOR THEIR LIST OF VENDORS. But YES we are APPROVED at most Federal Prisons, State Prisons, Correctional Facilities, Detention Centers, Sheriff's Dept., County & City Jails Etc...... We are a FULL SERVICE Publishing company - Not a Third Party Company. Please contact the facility's Mailroom with any questions or concerns and to be assured your order will be received from us.

REFUND will be issued if a book is unavailable or out of stock. PLEASE NOTE: CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL SHIPPING & HANDLING FEE'S - BOTH GOING AND IF ITEMS ARE RETURNED BACK TO US. NO REFUNDS/NO CREDITS will be issued for returned item(s) that are damaged and not in original condition as shipped. Examples include: Damaged Cover, Bent Pages, Staples in Pages, Markings, Holes, Name placed on items etc. PLEASE NOTE BEFORE PURCHASING NEWSPAPER * MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTIONS * SINGLESHOT MAGAZINES: ALL SALES ARE FINAL! NO REFUNDS, CREDITS OR CANCELLATIONS. SureShot Books Publishing LLC cannot offer refunds, credits, or cancellations for newspapers or magazine subscription ONCE purchase. Newspaper & Magazine Publishers allow for a change of address ONLY. All newspaper & magazine subscriptions are delivered by United State Postal Service (USPS) PLEASE CHECK WITH FACILITIES BEFORE ORDERING

Yes / No Yes some Correctional Facilities accept Hardcover Books We ask you to PLEASE contact the Facilities Mailroom and ask if Hardcover Books are allowed before ordering. If Not books will be rejected and returned No - Most do Not - Most of our Selections are Paperback - To determine selection look for Binding Type in description.

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Sale price$9.99

Harlequin IntrigueHonolulu Cold Homicide (Original) (Hawaii CI #3

Sale price$6.25

HarperCollinsNext in Line (William Warwick Novels)

Sale price$9.99

Knopf Doubleday Publishing GroupSparring Partners

Sale price$9.99

Createspace Independent Publishing PlatformThrift: The Ultimate 2 in 1 Box Set Guide to Making Money With Thrift Stores and Garage Sales in 60 Minutes or Less (Thrift Store - Thrifting - Make Money from Home - Reselling - Work from Home Job - Selling on Amazon)

Sale price$9.97

Jimmy PattersonBecoming Muhammad Ali

Sale price$8.99

Parallax PressHow to Focus (Mindfulness Essentials)

Sale price$9.99

CreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformDropshipping Business Strategy

Sale price$9.99

Houndstooth PressHow Music Grows Brands: The Field Guide

Sale price$9.99

Independently PublishedSide-Hustle Guidebook

Sale price$9.99

CreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformArtificial Intelligence: Understanding A.I. and the Implications of Machine Learning

Sale price$9.99

Caezik RomanceExposed

Sale price$9.99

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Save $7.00

SureShot Books Publishing LLCLindy's Sports 2023-24 Pro Basketball Magazine - IN STOCK

Sale price$12.99 Regular price$19.99

SureShot Books Publishing LLC2024 Lindy's Baseball Preview - COVER'S VARY

Sale price$16.99

Workman Publishing CompanyPrison Ramen: Recipes and Stories from Behind Bars

Sale price$15.99

Stephen KingThe Dark Tower I

Sale price$17.99

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Sale price$9.99

XXL MagazineXXL Magazine Winter 2023 Issue Featuring Latto- Current Issue

Sale price$14.99

Cash, AshMind Right, Life Right: Manifesting Dreams Through the Laws of t

Sale price$14.99

Freshman 2023XXL Freshman Class 2023- Current Issue

Sale price$14.99

Sister SouljahThe Coldest Winter Ever

Sale price$18.99

Atria BooksMidnight: A Gangster Love Story

Sale price$18.99

Berkley BooksThe Godfather: 50th Anniversary Edition

Sale price$18.00

Gallery BooksBilly Summers

Sale price$19.99

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Newspapers & Magazines (2024)


What is the main purpose of magazines and newspapers? ›

The newspaper and magazine publishing industries work to inform the public about current events. Newspapers provide details, explanations, and interpretations in all subjects, or beats, including local and national politics, crime, entertainment, sports, and international affairs, among others.

What are the benefits of newspapers magazines and books in the classroom? ›

Why Use Student Magazines in the Classroom?
  • High interest, engaging articles.
  • Shorter, manageable chunks of information.
  • Provides context and background knowledge.
  • Students practice reading informational text.
  • Interpersonal communications language skills.
  • Focus on text structures and text features.
Dec 22, 2023

What are the main differences between magazines and newspapers? ›

Newspapers are designed to cater to the general public, hence they cover a wide array of topics to meet diverse interests. On the other hand, magazines target a specific demographic or interest group, allowing them to delve deeper into niche topics.

What are newspapers and magazines examples of? ›

Newspapers and magazines are known as print media, whereas television and radio are known as electronic media. Both forms of media continue to remain relevant to this day.

Why are magazines so important? ›

Just as magazines offered authors a chance to display their writing to a large audience, they also allowed readers a taste of available literature. Even today, magazines print portions of books, which give readers a preview of the complete text.

What are the 3 functions of magazine? ›

The main purpose of a magazine is to inform, educate, and entertain. Magazines serve specific functions to society such as providing information, entertainment, marketing goods and services. It is also a source of income through advertisem*nt and also helps educate on tips, tricks and trends around the world.

Why are student newspapers important? ›

For those with an interest in writing and research, a school newspaper is a great place to hone those skills. Writers have the ability to write outside of class and in an environment they choose to participate in, helping them work on their abilities in a much more relaxed and enjoyable setting.

What are the advantages of magazines and newspapers? ›

Their reportage and columns highlight social problems, expose existing corruption, and make citizens aware of daily events. They are useful for advertisers as they can advertise their products on their newspaper pages.

Why do people read magazines? ›

Print media has been the traditional form of media for centuries. It provides a tangible experience for readers, with the ability to physically turn pages, cut out articles, and share with others. Additionally, print publications have a longer lifespan, as readers may keep and refer back to issues for years.

What are the similarities between magazines and newspapers? ›

Newspapers are similar to magazines in that they are written for a general audience for informative, persuasive, or entertainment purposes. They are not typically appropriate as sources in academic writing, though there are exceptions to that rule.

What is considered a daily newspaper has to appear at least? ›

A daily newspaper is printed every day, sometimes with the exception of Sundays and occasionally Saturdays (and some major holidays).

Are magazines a news source? ›

Newspapers, magazines and other news sources can be be valuable to your research as they can provide up to date coverage of events, news and opinion, include images and can include reliable information as well as facts and figures.

What is the most popular magazine brand? ›

Top 10 Magazine Brands Average Monthly Audience (000) Q4 2023
Magazine BrandTotal Brand Audience
Sports Illustrated64,666
AARP the Magazine56,048
6 more rows
Feb 13, 2024

When the dark or colored background of an ad extends to the edge of the printed page, it is an example of a n.? ›

Bleed. Any element that extends up to or past the edge of a printed page.

What is the main point of a magazine? ›

Magazines are a versatile and engaging medium, offering a rich tapestry of content across a wide variety of subjects. They cover interests from TV and film and celebrity gossip, politics and current affairs, to special interests such as sport, collectables, gaming and fashion.

What are the benefits of newspaper and magazine? ›

Major Benefits of Reading Newspapers for Students
  • Updates General Knowledge. ...
  • Enriches Vocabulary & Language Skills. ...
  • Better Reading Speed & Comprehension. ...
  • Awareness Of Current Affairs. ...
  • Cultivates A Global Perspective. ...
  • Boosts Writing Skills. ...
  • Offer Cognitive Benefits. ...
  • Useful Ideas About Research & Projects.
Nov 1, 2023

What purpose were magazines created? ›

Magazines started in Europe as printed literature that leaned towards the purpose of entertainment. Throughout the past few centuries, the evolution of printing, marketing, and distribution has made magazines a mainstay in American pop culture. Today, magazines are mainly available online through websites.


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