Beginning & End of the Year Choice Boards- 6th, 7th, 8th Grade (2024)

Unlock the power of student choice and reflection with this dynamic bundle featuring two engaging choice board activities. Designed to foster connection and introspection, this resource offers a versatile collection of options for students to explore both at the beginning and end of the school year.

Kickstart the year with an exciting get-to-know-you activity that sparks meaningful conversations and cultivates a positive classroom community. Students will embark on a personalized journey as they select from a variety of activities on the choice board, all thoughtfully designed to reveal their unique interests, strengths, and aspirations.

Through the convenience of Google Slides, you can effortlessly share the choice board with your students, setting the stage for a memorable and engaging start to the school year.

As the year draws to a close, provide your students with a reflective outlet to commemorate their experiences and growth. The second choice board prompts them to look back on their school year, celebrating accomplishments, reminiscing on cherished moments, and envisioning future goals. With nine engaging activities to choose from, students will have the freedom to select the prompts that resonate most with their individual journey. This resource allows you to decide the number of activities students complete, ensuring flexibility that aligns with your instructional goals and time constraints.

Enjoy the ease of implementation with this no-prep resource that can be utilized year after year. Simply share the Google Slides with your students, and they'll be ready to embark on their personalized reflection and choice-filled experience. Say goodbye to time-consuming preparations and hello to a valuable tool that effortlessly integrates into your end-of-year routine.

What's included:

Teacher Instructions

Student Google Slides End of the Year Choice Board

9 engaging end of the year activities

The activities included are:

Activity 1: My Year in Pictures -Students depict their last year in images.

Activity 2: Pieces of Advice- Students give pieces of advice to next year's students.

Activity 3: A Day in the Life- Students think about their typical day during the school year.

Activity 4: The Most Popular Award Goes to...-Students think about what has been popular in entertainment this year

Activity 5: A Few of my Favs- Students think about friends/classmates/teachers who have made an impact on them this school year.

Activity 6: School Events I will Never Forget- Students think about events that happened over the school year that they will never forget.

Activity 7: Activities, Projects, & Lessons Oh my!- Students think about their favorite things they did in class during the school year.

Activity 8: #favclasses- Students choose and discuss their two favorite subjects or classes.

Activity 9: A Letter to Myself- Students write a letter to their future selves.


About Me Choice Board:

You can watch a video preview of this resource HERE!

This resource allows students choice when you are getting to know them! Students are given nine activities to choose from on a choice board within Google Slides. You decide how many activities you would like students to complete before assigning. This resource is no prep and can be used over and over again each year!

What's included:

Teacher Instructions

Student Google Slides About Me Choice Board

9 engaging get to know you activities

The activities included are:

Activity 1: Me in Pictures

Activity 2: Would You Rather

Activity 3: A Few of My Favorite Things

Activity 4: Fill in the Blanks About Me

Activity 5: My Bucket List

Activity 6: The People in My Life

Activity 7: Three Things I Would Like my Teacher to Know

Activity 8: School Subjects Likes and Dislikes

Activity 9: #GoalGetter Visionboard

***You will need Google Drive® in order to access this resource. With this purchase, Teachers Pay Teachers will automatically make a copy of the folder, create a TpT folder in your Drive®, and all the folder to your Google Drive®. During this process, TpT will need your permission to briefly access your Google Drive®. Here is a link for more information:

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Beginning & End of the Year Choice Boards- 6th, 7th, 8th Grade (2024)


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