31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (2024)

Do you look good on the first tee? We aren’t talking about your swing - how is your golf fashion? Is your golf apparel shooting under par or are you barely breaking 100? Golfers clothing is infamous for being too preppy or snotty, but that’s all changing. Boring khakis and solid color cotton shirts are a thing of the past.

Golf wear has moved to high-tech fabrics designed to keep you cool. Athleisure designs are starting to show up on the course. You can now find golf apparel that you can wear for 18 holes or wear to a bar with friends. You no longer have to look like Judge Smails when you tee it up!

How To Choose The Best Golfers Clothing Brands

The good news is that the golf apparel industry has changed, but unfortunately, the options can be overwhelming. What style of golfers clothing do you prefer? What looks the best on your body type? Do you want a classic look or something more untraditional?

The simplest answer - wear what makes you comfortable on the course. If you’re comfortable you will play better. With that in mind, here are some factors to consider:

  • Cost - how much money do you have to spend on your golf wear?
  • Climate - do you need cool gear or items designed to keep you warm?
  • Personal Style - do you want to make a splash with bright colors and loud designs or do you prefer a more muted look?
  • Favorite Professional - do you have a favorite player on the PGA or LPGA tour? Do you want to support their brand?

Read on - below we provide quick details on 31 of our favorite golf apparel brands.

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Best Golfers Clothing Brands For 2024

1. Nike

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (1)

Nike Golf Products

Do you like seeing the “swoosh” on your golf wear? Nike offers a full line of golfers clothing including polos, shorts, skirts, skorts, pants, and weather gear. They offer some of the coolest shoes in the sport, including Air Jordan golf shoes. You can also find various golf accessories such as hats, sunglasses, and belts.

Nike Main Selling Points

Nike continues to be a “young” brand that’s endorsed by many of the big names in the sport. Tiger Woods, Michelle Wie, Brooks Koepka, and Rory McIllroy all wear Nike golf wear. It’s hard to watch golf on TV without seeing Nike’s golf apparel. Most designs are casual in nature and you will find plenty of bright colors and cool designs.

Nike Quick History

Based in Oregon, Nike is one of the best known companies in sports. Originally made popular by Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods helped them move into the golf industry. For many years they made popular golf clubs and golf balls, but in 2014 they decided to close this part of their business and focus on golf apparel only.

2. Under Armour

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (2)

Under Armour Golf Products

Very similar to Nike, Under Armour offers a full line of golfers clothing, but their focus is golf shirts, pants, shorts, and belts. They do have a line of golf shoes and other accessories. Under Armour has never ventured into the golf club business.

Under Armour Main Selling Points

Their most popular item has been golf shirts, made famous by Jordan Speith. The golf shoes they offer are nice, but have not had the market impact of their golf apparel line.

Under Armour Quick History

Located in Baltimore, Under Armour started very small in the late 90s and quickly became a player in the sports apparel market with their “we must protect this house” slogan in 2003. Their golfers clothing business took off in 2013 when they signed Jordan Speith.

3. Adidas

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (3)

Adidas Golf Products

Do you want to live the “3 stripe” life? Adidas brand offers golfers shoes, men’s clothes, and womens’ apparel. They have built their golf business over the last decade and are now a large player in both the golf shoe and golf shirt market. Their stable of professional golfer endorsers could challenge Nike. The include Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, Xander Xander Schauffele and LPGA Tour pros Paula Creamer, Jessica Korda and Danielle Kang.

Adidas Main Selling Points

We have to start with their golf shoes. High quality, sleek, and stylish, their shoes look great on the course. They have also developed golf apparel for all weather conditions. Adidas is a true athlete brand and their style reflects this point.

Adidas Quick History

Headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany Adidas has been a global sports brand for decades. Adidas moved into the golf apparel industry in 1997 and has continued to grow this piece of their business ever since.

4. Puma

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (4)

Puma Golf Products

Puma (owned by Cobra Golf) offers a full line of golfers clothing. Shirts, pants, shorts, shoes, and accessories (belts, socks, golf bags, etc.). They have never made golf clubs, but Cobra does build and sell them.

Puma Main Selling Points

To keep it simple, Puma golf wear is cool. Bright colors and creative designs. Very popular with junior golfers. They sponsor Rickie Fowler, Bryson DeChambeau, and Lexi Thompson, but Rickie has truly been the face of Puma for years. He has done amazing things for their brand. Do you want to be the cool aunt or fun uncle? Buy the junior golfer in your life a Puma hat.

Puma Quick History

The history of Puma golf and Cobra golf are very intertwined and the first Cobra club was built back in the 1970s. The Puma brand didn’t show up on the golf course until ~2009 when they signed Rickie Fowler to wear their products on the PGA tour.

5. Matte Grey

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (5)

Matte Grey Golf Products

Matte Grey is a relatively new brand in the golf apparel industry. They offer golf polos, pants, shirts, and various accessories (golf hats, golf bags, etc.).

Matte Grey Main Selling Points

They are a cool, fashionable alternative to the typical golf brands such as Nike or Adidas. Their golfers clothing feels more “high-end” and definitely makes a statement on the course. Great for the course, but could certainly be worn at any social gathering.

Matte Grey Quick History

Matte Grey is one of the brands offered by Haus of Grey. Designed to be modern sportswear, they entered the market in 2006. Haus of Grey is a creative branding firm that specializes in cultivating niche products and brands through the context of authenticity and original design.

6. Greyson

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (6)

Greyson Golf Products

Greyson is not a pure golf brand - more of an outdoor line that includes golfers clothing. They offer shirts, shorts, pants, and cold weather gear. You can also purchase a few accessories such as a putter cover or a wolf driver cover.

Greyson Main Selling Points

You want some high-quality golf apparel that doesn’t necessarily make you look like a golfer? Greyson is an option for you. Greyson’s golf wear is beautifully designed and is a high-end product. The company goal - merge fashion with sport.

Greyson Quick History

Founder Charlie Schaefer left Ralph Lauren after 13 years to create Greyson. His idea was to create clothing that supports performance at the highest levels while also incorporating superior tailoring and construction.

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7. Calvin Klein Golf

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (7)

Calvin Klein Golf Golf Products

Primary offerings include polo golf shirts and cold weather gear such as fleeces, jackets, and vests. We would call Calvin Klein a global lifestyle brand more than a classic golf brand.

Calvin Klein Golf Main Selling Points

Calvin Klein is known for making high-quality clothing using the best possible materials and designs. Their golf apparel is no exception.

Calvin Klein Golf Quick History

Calvin Klein was founded in 1968 and is now one of the largest fashion and lifestyle companies in the world. They sold more than $9 billion in products in 2019 and currently employ ~12,000 associates.

8. Hugo Boss

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (8)

Hugo Boss Golf Products

Hugo Boss is another giant in the fashion industry that happens to have golf apparel options for you. Their golf product line is fairly small - it features pullovers, shirts, and premium belts.

Hugo Boss Main Selling Points

Simple, beautiful designs that show you understand fashion. Their gold products have a classic design that will make you stand out on the course.

Hugo Boss Quick History

Hugo Boss is headquartered in Germany and has been around for almost 100 years. Products include clothing, accessories, footwear and fragrances.

9. TravisMathew

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (9)

TravisMathew Golf Products

TravisMathew offers golf shirts, shorts, pants, and golf hats. They have also started to produce golf shoes as well as belts and sunglasses. You can see their golf apparel on the PGA Tour - both Keegan Bradley and Will Gordon are brand ambassadors.

TravisMathew Main Selling Points

Is “Cool” a selling point? TravisMathew golf wear has it in spades. They produce high-quality products that make a statement on both the 18th hole and in the 19th hole.

TravisMathew Quick History

TravisMathew was founded in 2007 as a Southern California lifestyle and culture brand that focuses on everyday clothing that can be used for work or play.

10. Lululemon

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (10)

Lululemon Golf Products

The Lululemon golf wear options include shorts, pants, shirts, and socks. While they didn’t start the company with golf in mind, their golfers clothing has become popular on the course.

Lululemon Main Selling Points

Designed for athletes. Designed to help athletes perform. Their women’s golf apparel is athleisure and perfect for the player that wants to be comfortable on the course. LPGA professional Lydia Ko is one of their global ambassadors.

Lululemon Quick History

Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1998 Lululemon has become a global brand. They started with yoga in mind and have created a technical, athletic fashion for both men and women.

11. Polo Golf Ralph Lauren

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (11)

Ralph Lauren Golf Products

Polo Golf Ralph Lauren offers men’s and women's layering, polo shirts, men’s pants, and women’s skirts. Their golf brand also includes off-course casual wear.

Ralph Lauren Main Selling Points

Polo Golf Ralph Lauren golf apparel has simple, sophisticated designs. Their golfers clothing is omnipresent on professional tours around the world. Their stable of players include Justin Thomas, Kathryn Newton, Billy Horshcel, Tom Watson, and Davis Love III.

Ralph Lauren Quick History

For more than 50 years Ralph Lauren has been a global leader in design, marketing, and distribution of premium lifestyle products.

12. Dunning

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (12)

Dunning Golf Products

Dunning golf products are built with technology in mind. Their goal is to provide you with shirts, layering, shorts, and pants that allow you to perform at your best.

Dunning Main Selling Points

Dunning has spent time researching the how and what of golf apparel. How is it made and what is it made with? They strive to find better processes and better materials to help you perform better on the course.

Dunning Quick History

Dunning was founded in 2001 with the goal of building better golf apparel. They not only want to build high quality golf wear, but to challenge how it’s built.

13. Lacoste

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (13)

Lacoste Golf Products

Lacoste Sport offers a full line of golf apparel for both men and women. Shirts, shorts, and layering options.

Lacoste Main Selling Points

Is there a more famous logo than the Lacoste crocodile? This brand is known for creating high-quality sport products and this tradition continues today.

Lacoste Quick History

Founded by French tennis legend René Lacoste, their goal has always been elegance and tenacity.

14. Galvin Green

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (14)

Galvin Green Golf Products

Galvin Green offers everything a golfer needs to enjoy the game. Shirts, shorts, pants, all weather gear, laying, hats, belts, and even umbrellas.

Galvin Green Main Selling Points

The Galvin Green slogan is “We Never Compromise”. They are dedicated to creating high-quality and stylish golf wear for all golfers. Unlimited color and style options means they have something for everyone.

Galvin Green Quick History

Galvin Green has been creating golf apparel for over 30 years, focused on producing functional golfers clothing for the serious player.

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15. KJUS

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (15)

KJUS Golf Products

KJUS is an outdoor lifestyle brand that focuses on skiing and golf. They offer rainwear, layering, polos, and pants.

KJUS Main Selling Points

The KJUS goal is to provide you with golf apparel that improves your game. Protects you from the elements without reducing your freedom of movement and ability to swing.

KJUS Quick History

KJUS was created by Alpine skiing champion Lasse Kjus. In the summer of 2019 KJUS was acquired by Achusnet,owner of high-end golf brands such as Titleist, Footjoy and Scotty Cameron.

16. Linksoul

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (16)

Linksoul Golf Products

They offer an eclectic list of products that includes typical golfers clothing such as shirts, shorts and pants. You can also find outerwear, stocking caps, luggage, and shoes.

Linksoul Main Selling Points

Linksoul uses one of our favorite slogans - “Make Par, Not War”. It’s a cool brand that gives you options you may not find at other retailers. Definitely a different feel than most of the brands on our list.

Linksoul Quick History

They consider Linksoul more of a philosophy than a brand. Linksoul has goals that go beyond simply selling golf apparel as they look for opportunities to improve the world around us. It was co-founded by John Ashworth.

17. Footjoy

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (17)

Footjoy Golf Products

With a name like Footjoy you can probably guess that they are known for their shoes, but they also offer a full line of golf apparel. Shirts, pants, shorts, socks, layers, gloves, mittens, and belts. They have options for men, women, and juniors.

Footjoy Main Selling Points

Footjoy is the #1 shoe on the PGA tour and their players include Justin Thomas, Webb Simpson, and Max Homa. They also allow you to build 100% custom golf shoes. You pick the design, the colors, and can even add logos or your initials. Footjoy is a full service golf brand.

Footjoy Quick History

The company was originally created back in the 1800s, but got its first big break in golf when they were selected to be the team shoe for the 1927 Ryder Cup team. They didn’t officially adopt the “Footjoy” name until 1970.

18. Waggle Golf

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (18)

Waggle Golf Golf Products

At Waggle Golf, they keep it simple. They offer shirts, polos, and hats. They do offer custom shirts if you want to buy for an event.

Waggle Golf Main Selling Points

The main selling point is unique. What else can you say about a shirt called the “co*cky rooster” or the “tipsy turtle”. They make a fun gift.

Waggle Golf Quick History

Waggle Golf is new to the golf industry - their goal is to have fun on the course and their designs demonstrate this goal.

19. J.Lindeberg

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (19)

J.Lindeberg Golf Products

Lindeberg offers a full suite of golf wear and products. Shirts, shorts, pants, hats, sweaters, and belts. They even offer a shoe bag.

J.Lindeberg Main Selling Points

Lindeberg has started to make a splash on professional golf tours around the world. Golf ambassadors include Viktor Hovland, Matt Wallace, Jonas Blixt, and Camilla Lennarth. They make fashionable, high-performance golfers clothing.

J.Lindeberg Quick History

The Scandanavian fashion house J. Lindeberg was founded in Stockholm in 1996. They focus on activewear for both men and women, primarily related to golf and skiing.

20. Devereux

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (20)

Devereux Golf Products

Devereux keeps it simple. They stay focused on a smaller product line than some other golf brands. Shirts, shorts, pants, and some layering options. They do offer some really cool junior products as well.

Devereux Main Selling Points

Fashionable, comfortable, and high-performing. Look good, play well, and have fun.

Devereux Quick History

The Devereux tagline is simple. “Proper Threads”. Created by two brothers focused on style, quality, and the appreciation of little things.

21. Mizzen + Main

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (21)

Mizzen + Main Golf Products

Shirts, shirts, shirts. Yes, they sell some pants, shorts, and outerwear, but Mizzen + Main are known for building a better shirt than most.

Mizzen + Main Main Selling Points

Mizzen+Main created a stir in 2018 when they debuted a button-down golf shirt. They sponsored Phil Mickelson to play in the shirt and dance in their commercial. The button-down golf shirt may not be your look, but they offer great looking standard golf shirts as well.

Mizzen + Main Quick History

The founder of Mizzen+Main created his company to solve a simple problem. Create shirts that help you stay comfortable and fit correctly. Button-down dress shirts are their focus, but they have moved into the golf apparel industry as well.

22. Birds of Condor

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (22)

Birds of Condor Golf Products

For men, Birds of Condor offer polos and button up shirts. For women, they have leggings, hoodies, and tops. You can also find creative golf t-shirts and hats.

Birds of Condor Main Selling Points

Birds of Condor golf wear is unique and the styles come from a background in surfing and music. This is not your grandfather’s golf apparel. Cool and young designs throughout their product line. Golf should be fun.

Birds of Condor Quick History

A Condor is a hole-in-one on a Par 5 - almost never happens. The Birds of Condor brand was created to be that unique.

23. Original Penguin

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (23)

Original Penguin Golf Products

The Original Penguin golf wear includes jackets, pants, polos, and shorts.

Original Penguin Main Selling Points

You will find classic and sophisticated designs throughout this line of golfers clothing. Their simple polos are perfect for you to show class on the course.

Original Penguin Quick History

The Original Penguin origin story goes all the back to the 1950s. Original Penguin embodies a mix of iconic American Sportswear with modern minded style into a diverse range of products for a full lifestyle brand.

24. G/FORE

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (24)

G/FORE Golf Products

Best known for their golf shoes, G/FORE also creates golf gloves, polos, pants, shorts, and layers for both men and women. You can also purchase G/FORE golf bags, hats, and socks.

G/FORE Main Selling Points

G/FORE is a luxury brand that will make you stand out on the first tee. Tour players such as Bubba Watson and Phil Mickelson have worn their shoes.

G/FORE Quick History

The G/FORE brand was created with the modern athlete in mind. Their goal is to combine the rich tradition of golf with more fun and flair on the course.

25. Rhone

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (25)

Rhone Golf Products

Rhone is a men’s clothing brand that includes a golf apparel department. They have started to create a few items for women as well. As far as golfers clothing, you can purchase polos, shorts, pants, and long-sleeve shirts.

Rhone Main Selling Points

More of a clothing brand than a golf brand, Rhone offers a wide variety of options for the golfer searching for clothes they can wear on and off the course.

Rhone Quick History

Rhone is committed to the committed. Those guided by principle, driven to succeed and devoted to family. Those who refuse to settle. Rhone is clothing made for men. As a company, their mantra is “forever forward”.

26. Champion

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (26)

Champion Golf Products

Champion is an athletic apparel and workout brand, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find golf attire for your collection. They have great options for the golfer that is playing in a cooler climate, with several long sleeve shirts that work well as an under-layer on a chilly day.

Champion Main Selling Points

The best thing about Champion attire is its flexibility. It can be used on the course, on a hike, or on a bike ride. It’s also great for the active golfer that enjoys multiple outdoor activities and very inexpensive compared to other brands on our list.

Champion Quick History

Champion is part of the larger Hanes brand incorporation. Their focus is producing high quality athletic gear in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

27. Wolsey

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (27)

Wolsey Golf Products

The golf collection at Wolsey includes pants, shorts, and polos, but they are best known for their Knitwear. They offer long sleeve sweaters and pullovers that work well on and off the course.

Wolsey Main Selling Points

Wolsey is a stylish and classic look for your next round. Wolsey golf attire gives you the professional look that will stand out on the first tee. Simple colors and designs can help any golfer look their best.

Wolsey Quick History

Wolsey has been around for a while - founded in 1755 by an english couple, making clothes out of their home. They didn’t officially move into the golf attire business until 1974 when they released the “Fox” motif golf line.

28. Orlebar Brown

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (28)

Orlebar Brown Golf Products

Swimsuits are what made Orlebar Brown famous, but they offer several great products for the golfer in your life. You can find O.B. polos, trousers, and outerwear for your next trip around the links.

Orlebar Brown Main Selling Points

Great attire for the golfer that wants to look stylish and cool. Another way of putting it - golf clothes that don’t look like golf clothes. Designed to work just as well in your place of work or out at the local pub.

Orlebar Brown Quick History

Based in London, Orlebar Brown is a relatively new brand, launching in 2007. Their initial goal was to create shorts you can swim in, not necessarily swim shorts. Over the last 13+ years they have continued to expand their brand outside of just swimwear.

29. Peak Performance

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (29)

Peak Performance Golf Products

When you think Peak Performance, think outerwear. At its core, Peak Performance is a skiing attire brand. Their goal is to help you stay on the slopes longer by providing high quality products to keep you warm. These same options can help you survive a cold day on the course.

Peak Performance Main Selling Points

Pretty simple - they can help you stay comfortable in poor conditions. If you live in a cooler climate or enjoy playing golf year round, Peak Performance can help you. They will help you enjoy the game of golf, regardless of the temperature.

Peak Performance Quick History

Launched in 1986 with one goal in mind. Create clothes that you would want to wear and that would allow you to stay on the slopes longer. They have developed a line of clothing that will help you enjoy any outdoor activity in cooler temperatures.

30. Bonobos

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (30)

Bonobos Golf Products

Bonobos offers a full line of golf clothing. Polos, shorts, pants, and long sleeve options. They have aggressively moved into the golf attire business and signed PGA Tour pro Justin Rose to wear their clothing. You have the option to purchase full outfits designed by Justin.

Bonobos Main Selling Points

Classic, fashionable designs that work on golfers of all body shapes. Plenty of options available and you can purchase a full outfit that includes a shirt, a pair of pants, and a belt that are designed to be worn together.

Bonobos Quick History

They had an interesting start. Bonobos didn’t feel like any pants on the market were properly designed to fit most golfers. They introduced the first curved waistband to fix this problem. They have used the same logic throughout their line of clothing. Make high quality clothing that fits.

31. Castore

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (31)

Castore Golf Products

Castore has a somewhat limited line of true “golf” products - vests, polos, pants, and hats, but they create high performance outerwear that works well on the course.

Castore Main Selling Points

The simple answer - innovation. Castore is focused on doing things differently. They use new technology and advanced engineering principles to design clothing for athletes. Castore wants your clothing to help you play better.

Castore Quick History

Two brothers built Castore due to a lack of high-quality sportswear on the market. Their vision was to create technologically advanced clothing for athletes across the globe. Their products are designed for the player that demands the very best.

Best Clothing Brands For Golfers

As you have seen above, when it comes to your golf apparel you have plenty of options. Regardless of your preferred style, you can find high-performance, high-quality golf wear. What statement do you want to make on the first tee? Play well, look good, and have fun.

31 Best Golf Clothing Brands That You Need To Be Wearing (2024)


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